How can you support the project?
By ordering:

How do I buy?

• You can buy and download the game via Steam.

• If you want to support us by buying physical products you can make your orders via EFT/Wire Transfer. After selecting your desired choice from the table at top you can make your transaction through İş Bankası Ankara Yenişehir Şubesi to USD account (IBAN: TR2500 0640 0000 2421 8729 0528) with SWIFT Code: ISBKTRIS in the name of Safak YALCINKAYA. Then filling the order form will be enough to conclude your order.

As a sponsor:

A package of solutions tailored for you to include your advertising in the project for a fee or a service. Like having your billboard in the game... For detailed presentation please contact us!..

As a financier:

With the financial support you will make to the project it will be transformed into an investment instrument that you can greatly profit in long term. For instance, you will get 1% for 50.000 TL and 10% for 500.000 TL ownership... For detailed presentation please contact us!..

As a volunteer:

If you have any professional skills that you think you can contribute to the project, please contact us!..