MMXXI Monthly Bulletin

Due to COVID-19, all our work is progressing very slowly


MMXX Monthly Bulletin

Our goal for this year is to continue updating all our games


MMXIX Monthly Bulletin

This year, our goal is to publish all our games on Steam.


MMXVIII Monthly Bulletin

Keep in touch with the latest news on our projects in 2018


Our websites have been renewed

Web sites of all projects in CDIS Network have been renewed


We are looking forward to your support

The game market that grows at an incredible pace every day


Make your choice

Which game do you want us to publish first? Is Steam and


We are turning into a giant production

What if the stories of our video game projects were published as novels,


Flash game projects cancelled

We are cancelling 3 flash game projects and starting


Giant project with hundreds of small games

Every month we publish new snack games about our 100 Silly Game


Our first three games

We are continuing to develop three flash-based games


We are starting to develop games

As CDIS, we are very excited to announce the start


MMXXI Monthly Bulletin

Due to COVID-19, all our work is progressing very slowly but surely.

2021 Winter Promotion!
Offer ends in: 22 December 2021 9:55am - 5 January 2022 10:05am Pacific Time

Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium 68%
Deathly Storm: The Edge of Life 58%
Murder Diaries: Ankara 48%
Invasion 38%
Hopper Rabbit 28%

2021 Autumn Promotion!
Offer ends in: 24 November 2021 9:55am - 1 December 2021 10:05am Pacific Time

Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium 67%
Deathly Storm: The Edge of Life 57%
Murder Diaries: Ankara 47%
Invasion 37%
Hopper Rabbit 27%

2021 Halloween Special Promotion!
Offer ends in: 28 September 2021 9:54am - 1 November 2021 10:05am Pacific Time

Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium 66%
Deathly Storm: The Edge of Life 56%
Murder Diaries: Ankara 46%
Invasion 36%
Hopper Rabbit 26%

We invite you to play a game through the websites of all our games in September. You will reach the old sites of the Ottoman Empire: The Spectacular Millennium, Deathly Storm: The Edge of Life and Murder Diaries: Ankara via 3 hidden links inside the sites. Form a meaningful sentence with the words given in these old sites and send it to The first 3 people to send the sentence will receive all our 5 games as a gift!

All tests completed. The countdown to launch has begun. v1.4 is on Steam this month!

The discounts of version 1.4, which will be released in August, have been announced. If you haven't bought our games yet, these discounts may be a good opportunity for you.
65% for OESM/OİMB,
55% for DSTEOL/ÖFYK,
45% for MDA/CGA,
35% for INV/İST,
25% for HR/ZT

Game developers, the progress of the new GameGuru MAX, which is still under development, is dazzling. It would be beneficial for you to take a look.

The first screenshots of the new games are here. (Game visuals may differ from the latest product.)

We present posters of new and old games to your liking.

The pandemic created by Corona affects us very much as it does the whole world. Since we cannot work full time as a team, the release date is constantly delayed.

There is a demand for steamkey from YouTube and Twitch publishers who like our idea. No worries, we have more than enough keys for all of you.

This year, we will integrate all our trilogy games into the first games with the v1.4 update we will release. We think it will be a first in the world... Also you can puchase all the games as a package with 50% discount from here.