MMXXI Monthly Bulletin

Due to COVID-19, all our work is progressing very slowly


MMXX Monthly Bulletin

Our goal for this year is to continue updating all our games


MMXIX Monthly Bulletin

This year, our goal is to publish all our games on Steam.


MMXVIII Monthly Bulletin

Keep in touch with the latest news on our projects in 2018


Our websites have been renewed

Web sites of all projects in CDIS Network have been renewed


We are looking forward to your support

The game market that grows at an incredible pace every day


Make your choice

Which game do you want us to publish first? Is Steam and


We are turning into a giant production

What if the stories of our video game projects were published as novels,


Flash game projects cancelled

We are cancelling 3 flash game projects and starting


Giant project with hundreds of small games

Every month we publish new snack games about our 100 Silly Game


Our first three games

We are continuing to develop three flash-based games


We are starting to develop games

As CDIS, we are very excited to announce the start


MMXIX Monthly Bulletin

This year, our goal is to publish all our games on Steam. With the follow-up marketing process, we aim to the fix any bug that might be encountered and try to reach the most stable versions.

As the arrival of 2020, we will continue updating our games at full pace. Stay tuned for the special offers that will come with v1.3, which we aim to release in late January. Happy new year!

The updated version of all our games, v1.2, will be released tomorrow! This promotion, which will continue until December 14th with Black Friday discounts, is an unmissable opportunity for those who have not yet acquired the games.

We have started working on v1.2 upon the feedbacks and intense interest shown on the latest updates. Thank you for your appreciation and support.

In addition, as of 3.10.2019 development of Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium 2, Deathly Storm: The Edge of Life 2 and Murder Diaries: Ankara 2 games have begun. Proudly announced to those who want to learn how the stories will continue in the sequels.

The updated version of all our games v1.1 has been released! If you don't have the games yet or want to gift them, don't miss this deal. It will continue until October 11th.

Due to the intense process of preparation for international fairs we are going to attend, the expected updates will be completed in September.

Recent developments at CDIS:
• This summer we have prepared a pack for those who would like to buy all our games with a 50% discount.
• Whatsmore, special discounts for each game will be given with the coming-soon v1.1 updates.
• We are also working on adding Steam achievements to our games.
• Finally, we've uploaded the walkthrough videos of all our games to our YouTube channel. We hope that this will help those who are stuck and asked support: OESM, DSTEOL, MDA, INV, HR, HR TPS

We have started debugging and developing all our games. Updates will be with you this summer.

Our game is out on Steam!

Our game is out on Steam!

Our game is out on Steam!

Our game is out on Steam!

Thanks to your support Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millenium has achieved great success with 690 upvotes, making it the most liked project in the Turkcell Arıkovanı platform. We are looking forward to your support to accomplish our targets at the project which started funding today.

We would also like to thank Turkcell Arıkovanı for its promotion film and advertisement support.

Our game is out on Steam!

The challenging process of uploading all of the games to Steam has been completed. Possible early access dates of the games are as follows:

• 28.01.2019 - Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millenium
• 27.02.2019 - Deathly Storm: The Edge of Life
• 26.03.2019 - Murder Diaries: Ankara
• 25.04.2019 - Invasion
• 24.05.2019 - Hopper Rabbit