What is it?

It is Şafak Yalçınkaya's second video game project based on his r&d activities on post apocalyptic zombie culture which he started at 2010. Evolving in different directions over the course of time, the project that is owned by CDIS Lab. is proceeding with confident steps towards becoming a giant production with international quality today. Along with the publishing of the project on many media, the steps that is planned to provide added-value to our country follows as: Video Game => Novel => TV Series => Movie => Animation. (You can access to credits section from here.) If you want to have more detailed information about these steps;

1st Step - Video Game:

We are using a new game engine, which we supported the development of, for our FPS type game. It is initially released only for PC in Windows (keyboard and mouse layout) platform. Moreover, our search for resources and our studies are still continuing to release it on Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One platforms, and to our first computers that build our roots Commodore 64 and Amiga 500.

2nd Step - Novel:

When looking at the background of most of the successful films or series, it is often observed that it was made out of a novel or novel series. Because of the widespread use of smartphones and tablets , the currently being written booklet will be first published as an e-book for Android and iOS devices and then physically located on the shelves.

(You can glimpse to a short part from Bengisu Alkan's unfinished novel in Turkish which will be translated into English later on.)

3rd Step - Series:

First, in 5 minute episodes, a total of 12 episodes are going to be shot in a total of 60 minutes as web series and will be broadcasted online (like pilot episodes). Subsequently, a total of 10 episodes as the 1st season, consisting of 600 minutes of scripted novel, 60 minutes each, will be completed and provided via television and online.

4th Step - Movie:

It is a motion picture film planned in the style as the final of the 1st season and the continuation of the series in 120 minutes. Actor/actress selections regarding the project are still in progress. You can make your applications through our contact form.

5th Step - Animation:

First, an unknown section of the story will be animated (average of 90 minutes) to be shown in theaters. Then it will be prepared as a weekly animated series in 20 minute episodes and will be shown on TV and online.

You can support too!

You can support this project that we aim to contribute to the development of the domestic game ecosystem, to raise qualified human power, to create employment opportunities, to develop new technologies, to promote our country worldwide and to provide added value. Detailed information can be found at order section...